How to sell your downloadable products

So you have downloadable products that you’d like to sell online but you’re wondering what is the best way to do it.

You have two basic options:

  1. Pay for these services: it is a little to start out this way
  2. You can do these for free: take a little more work upfront but can be cost effective on the long-run.

There is a way to sell your digital download products online for just one FLAT fee. Meaning, despite what you read on the internet from the tons of sites you may have already visited, you don’t need to pay monthly fees OR deductions from every sale you make. You’ve probably already come across several sites that offer to sell your products for you, but at a price that never ends.

In this article, I will go straight to the point and tell you how to avoid this.

  1. First thing you need to do is to find out the size of your downloadable products. What I mean by that is this: For the method I’m going to introduce to you here to work, your digital download products MUST be transferable via email. Meaning, they cannot be too big (smaller, than 10MB) to send through regular email.
  2. The payment system you use on your website should be PayPal or Google Checkout. The have the same transaction fees.
  3. In order to avoid having to pay monthly fees and/or deductions on every sale you make by using the services of other websites, have a computer programmer write a PHP code for you that will utilize the existing services of PayPal or Google Checkout to automatically send your customers their product immediately after payment verification. OR
  4. Purchase an already written PHP code, and have the programmer tailor it to your needs. A simple wordpress site just like this with FatFreeCart will solve your basic needs. Side note: oDesk is a great place to find contractors cheap.
  5. Once that code is written, you can use that ONE code to sell dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different downloadable products.

Good Luck!

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